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If you are experiencing symptoms of excess pitta, such as irritability or impatience, Little girl long haircuts with bangs or on occasions when you know that you are going to have a busy and active day ahead of you, balance your system by wearing natural fibres in cooling and calming colours, such as green, blue, violet or any quiet pastel shade.


Blue is a soothing, healing colour which is ideal for the active pitta type. It is linked to spiritual consciousness and helps the pitta to remain open and calm without being over-stimulated.


Green, an integral colour of the natural world, brings harmonious feelings to the pitta personality, having the ability to soothe emotions and calm passionate feelings.


Violet is a refined colour that soothes and opens the mind, and increases awareness of spiritual issues.

Making a Colour Infusion

Take a piece of thin, translucent cotton or silk in violet or light blue. Wrap it around a small transparent (not coloured) bottle or jar filled with spring water Leave it outside in dappled sunlight, not in direct sun, for approximately six hours. Finally, remove the fabric, and drink the infusion to encourage the wonderful sensation of inner peace and harmony.

A blue colour infusion will help to clear the system of a build-up of pressure.

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