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Intake of vitamins, Minerals, and proteins can reduce hair loss. Frequent hair styling with electrical machines should be avoided. Frequent coloring can affect the health of your hair. Usage of hair dryer is also one of the factors that cause hair loss. Healthy Hair Tonics.

After every wash use Indian gooseberry fruits juice as final rinse.

Take one or two gooseberry’s also called as amla and extract the juice.

Mix with one or two bowls of warm water.

Rinse this water at the end as a final rinse.

This acts as an excellent tonic to hair.

It also gives a natural shine to the hair.

Natural Hair Products.

Try using natural products for hair as much as possible.

Use Hibiscus leaves for cleaning the hair and scalp.

Amla extracts for tonic.

Henna or flowers to color hair.

Black Tea Rinse.

Black tea contains lots of antioxidants.

These antioxidants battle the free radicals that are produced in the body.

Not only drinking black provides many health benefits it also strengthens the hair. Take a cup or two cups of black tea brewing.

Do not add sugar or milk.

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