Best hairstyles and color for thin hair

Oil Massage. Hot oil massage is another best hair treatments that also provides a relaxation for body and mind. Rub hot oil on your scalp and leave it for at least one or two hours. Oil will restore the moisture of hair and the roots, providing them intense nourishment.

Massage-oil can be any oil either coconut, almond, Neem, Amla or olive oil.

Oil your hair two or three hours before every hair Wash.

Untangle Hair.

To untangle hair use a wide tooth comb.

Brush your hair downwardly.

Avoid brushing wet hair as they are prone to break.

Dry Hair Naturally as much as possible.

Avoid using dryers, else set dryer on low or cool settings.

Avoid using hair style tools as much as possible that overheat your hair, which obviously harms hair. Consuming lot of tea or coffee could harm hair health.

Vegetable and Fruit Juices are good for skin and hair.

Frequent Intake of lettuce, carrot, capsicum and alfalfa improves texture of hair.

Intake of required quantity of vitamins or minerals are must, deficiency will have an effect on the hair, Nails and Teeth.

If in diet make sure that the body gets required quantity of proteins and vitamins such as Vitamin A, B, C and E, other minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids.

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