Hair naturally thins out as part of the ageing process, as the number of follicles capable of growing hairs gradually declines. A straight parting with hair that just hangs down from it on either side will emphasize the problem, so ask your stylist to create a style that incorporates colour and texture.


And, any notion of It can’t happen to me, flew the coop long ago. Still, waking up in the morning for a lot more mornings gets my vote. However, if kicking the bucket has to happen at all and the actuarial tables are quite consistent that all of us will die at some point dying in one is sleep does have some appeal. There is, though, also an intriguing appeal to the thought of death. Some believe in life after death, and even if you do not, contemplating eternal life is, afer all, comforting. We have all heard those tales of out-of-body and near-death experiences. They are the ones about that moment of death when the dying are drawn toward an appealing light, and there in the distance, relatives and loved ones beckon. The problem with that, though, is that there are few people who have the capacity to tell the story. There are similar stories, too, told by people who have been clinically dead on the operating table, or at the scene of an accident, but who survived. They tell of floating over the operating table or accident scene, and see themselves, including their own death.

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