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LIP LACQUER RIMMEL expert advice PRIYANKA TYAGI, Medical Aesthetician, Cosmetologist and Head of Trainings, Skeyndor, ECL, India is here to take care of all your skin troubles. Ask away! Dear Shubhangi, there are various types of chemical peels for the skin. Little girls haircuts The main function of a peel is to deeply exfoliate the skin and accelerate the process of rejuvenation. Peels are used for many indications like pigmentation, acne, acne marks and skin ageing. Before going for the peels please consult your dermatologist/ cosmetologist. They are safe if done by trained aestheticians. You should avoid immediate exposure to sun and heat after taking peels. Moisturise your skin and keep it well protected by applying a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 50. QI’m 32 and have been religiously using night cream on my face for years. But lately, I feel that my skin is oily and greasy in the mornings. Has my skin changed suddenly? Should I change my cream? A Dear Anu, It’s good to hear that as a precautionary measure you’ve been using an anti-ageing cream for yourself.

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