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There is an element of up and down that just happened throughout the record…

Even with his successes Jimi has a genuine respect and excitement for other artists. They’re up there with the greats in country now, Little girls short haircuts with bangs but does the band ever find themselves getting starstruck? “Well yeah, for instance when we were invited into the Opry, that was Reba who came out and asked us – and of course Vince, we’ve known him for a while but to get to stand on stage with those folks, we count it a privilege! And yeah, there are definitely moments when I’m standing up there and I go Wow! This is happening!”

Was it important to let your listeners know that you’re also still as enthusiastic about your own music as you have always been I ask? Absolutely!” he admits. ‘Coming from the success of TORNADO, we know people’s expectations and they were going Ok, what’s gonna happen next?’…I don’t know that it creates any more pressure or anything like that because we put pressure enough on ourselves to evolve and do something new. Going into this process though that’s what we were thinking about…’What can we do now that we haven’t already done? How do we use our voices in different ways that we have before?’ To come up with something fresh and something that moves us and hopefully other people too.”

Jay Joyce produced 2012’s TORNADO, so why did the four of them decide to work with him again on PAIN KILLER? “Well it was such an incredible experience for us and he is one of the most talented people that I have ever met. He is such a free spirit and we just work well together. Little girls short haircuts with bangs I think we come from different places so the combination of the two, I dunno but it works and it feels right. We just couldn’t wait to get back in with him – and I think he felt the same way too. He was excited about us getting in and seeing what happened.’

Pain Killer stood out to the band as the track to hold together the new album and its eclectic mix of themes and sounds. Little girls short haircuts with bangs ‘Of course we love the song and thought it was a fun summertime song, but we also thought just the title alone Pain Killer could be a really cool concept for a record title … Music is a painkiller for people – whether it’s a song that makes you feel good or a song that’s sad and cries along with you – in one way or the other it eases your pain. So that was the thought and the thread to the whole record.’

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