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They say that travel broadens the mind; unfortunately, for some people it does quite the opposite. Little girls short haircuts with bangs It contracts the mind and condenses it into a compact series of dark, inescapable worries – will the car break down? Is this plane safe? Will I be sick? Will I come though this in one piece, and alive? Once you are on the conveyer belt of anxiety and possible problems, it simply does not stop.

If you are indeed such a poor traveller try using one of the following essential oils to calm the mind and stomach. They will let you enjoy the delights of new horizons freely without being stressed by how to reach them. The simplest way to use essential oils is to put a couple of drops on to a tissue or handkerchief, and smell them frequently. Useful oils are Peppermint, Mandarin or Neroli.

I Put a couple of drops of essential oil on a tissue, and keep it freely available so that you can reach for it when you wish.

2 To use, hold the tissue under the nose and lean the head slightly forward. Inhale two or three times.

While for many it used to he a case of grin and bear any problems, and suffer in silence, widespread help is fortunately now available. In extreme cases you should, of course, always consult your doctor, but for more minor conditions there are all kinds of different, soothing massages you can have. They should certainly reduce the impact of too much discomfort, and make sure that normal life is not too greatly disrupted.

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