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Our businesses were our babies – we’d turned them both into a success, and we’d done it together. Long bob haircuts side view With neither one of us willing to walk away, we had to make our professional relationship work. I won’t pretend it was easy. With our offices separated by only a window, there was no escaping each other. Long bob haircuts side view Although we both vowed to leave our emotions at the door, it would only take one of us to have a bad day to let a mundane meeting descend into a row. But, with time, I became grateful for our working situation. All the traits that first drew me to Jez as a life partner – his enthusiasm and kind nature – made him an excellent partner in business, too. And our shared history meant we had a shorthand at work that none of our colleagues could match. We’d know what the other was thinking without having to ask and when I was out of the office, it was a comfort to know I could trust Jez implicitly.

But not everyone could understand our dynamic. Long bob haircuts side view When we explained our situation to new clients, they’d be confused – and strangers at parties couldn’t comprehend how we spent so much time together when we were trying to lead separate lives. We didn’t let their comments faze us. And from our working relationship grew a Iriendship I came to count on. When, a year after our separation, I met Rob, I was quick to tell him all about my business partner ex. And when Rob became my husband four years later, Jez was at our wedding. Now, almost a decade since our split, Jez is godfather to my daughter Rosa and I credit our success at being exes for the success of the businesses we run together. Though we’re both happily settled, we’ll always be in each other’s lives. Our partners understand that just because we didn’t work as a couple, it doesn’t mean we don’t work as colleagues. 4 Jez and Louise run Make My Day, a music firm associated with female-fronted bands. Visit makemyday.ltd.uk

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