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The short-term use of silicones in hair products, such as conditioners, will make your hair look sleek and less frizzy, because they are designed to collect on damaged cuticles to keep them smooth and fill in fractures.16 Over time, however, they coat the hair shaft and seal out moisture, causing it to become frizzy and straw-like, with less defined curl and lustre.

Nearly every ‘name brand’ product contains silicones; have a look the next time you are browsing the aisles at your local supermarket. Pick up a bottle and check the ingredients for yourself.

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(N.B Some manufacturers of hair products are starting to listen, product ingredients with silicones containing “PEG” are water soluble and won’t build up.)

As mentioned in Pooh pooh the shampoo, shampoos ofen contain the cleanser ammonium laurel sulphate which strips your hair of sebum and leaves your hair unprotected. Sulphate shampoos are normally used to remove silicones and waxes. These shampoos are very drying and harsh on your hair.

Most fragrance ingredients are synthetic chemical concoctions put together to create a pleasant smell, but do nothing to enhance your hair.

Clever marketing campaigns draw our attention to these products, but informed choices will benefit your hair.

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