Long Curly Haircuts With Layers And Bangs


Always wash your hair as soon as possible after swimming in the sea or a chlorinated swimming pool. Coloured and treated hair are prone to damage and fading if sea salt or chemicals are left in the hair, especially if you intend to spend time out in the sun after your swim.

Okay, okay, I do suppose it is hard to make a case that fifty spots randomly dotting the back of my hands some the size of a dime, some smaller, some larger could be called a tan. Tans are something acquired at the beach or in a tanning bed. I do not go to the beach, and I do not frequent tanning beds.

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Besides, have you ever heard of a liver spot bed, or, better yet, a solar lentigines bed? Me neither. And in all of this, complicating the issue is that sometimes the spots are black! In my case, as is the case with many of my contemporaries, the initial appearance (usually around age 50) of solar lentigines oh, what the hell liver spots causes one to wonder if these spots are skin cancer. (Unfortunately, no pretty alternative for that phrase. ) Once again, however, the Mayo Clinic comes to the rescue with the reassuring observation that it is not skin cancer.

Unless, of course, it is. More reassurances come with word from Google that there are any number of bleaching products on the market to lighten liver spots. There is a downside to that, though.

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