Long curly haircuts with layers and side bangs


Tension, anxiety, worry, depression, and loss of confidence and selfbelief- these are just some of the many factors that can adversely affect your sexual energy and performance. Sometimes this leads into a no-escape negative spiral of anxiety about sex, leading to less enjoyment and so on.

The best answer is not to get dragged down, feeling ever more anxious and depressed, Long curly haircuts with layers and side bangs until the problem becomes seemingly insurmountable, but to take a little time out of your hectic life. Be together with your partner and have fun; add to your sensual pleasure with an intimate massage session, using one of these excellent blends to release tensions and allow your natural sexual energy to respond freely.

Use whichever of these blends – 5 drops Rose and 5 drops Sandalwood or 4 drops Jasmine and 4 drops Ylang Ylang -appeals to you both, and include in a massage oil. Use gentle, stroking movements all over the back, buttocks, legs and front.

Massage gently all over the body with a light, caring touch. The secret is taking your time, getting the atmosphere right and making sure you choose the right moment

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