Long edgy haircuts for round faces

Homemade Herbal Sea Salt Scrubs Skin and Hair Types

By combining salt with dried herbs, various therapeutic effects can be produced. Long edgy haircuts for round faces These scrubs tend to have a crumbly consistency. Some beneficial herbs to use for making salt scrubs are comfrey leaf and root, calendula, sage, nettle, chamomile, rose blossoms, mint, oregano, basil and lavender. You can also use a combination of herbs in a scrub formula. Refer to the Ingredients chapter for more information about the therapeutic properties of specific herbs.

Basic Herbal Salt Scrub All

1 large handful of freshly dried herb 1/2 teaspoon olive oil

of choice about 4 tablespoons water

2-3 tablespoons sea salt

Grind the herb into a powder and mix with the salt, add the water, then add the olive oil. Mix everything thoroughly. It will have a crumbly texture. Massage the scrub into the skin, (bits of the herb may fall off; just reapply) and allow to stay on for 10 minutes. Rinse off. Makes enough for 1 treatment.

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