Long graduated layered haircut

Beyond dealing with Scarfitis, there is the other S word that I need to address: Shrinkage

A phenomenon that I was not prepared for was Shrinkage. After a WCD routine, allow your hair to air dry and witness Shrinkage in action. Natural hair coils and kinks as it dries and can shrink up to % of its original length!

Shrinkage is what led to my love-hate relationship with curl definition, which then led to my relapse and long love affair with hair texturizers.

To combat shrinkage I piled on heavy gels and that infamous purple and yellow curl activator bottle. With a shelf full of several gels, curl activators, and curly puddings it became clear to me that shrinkage was going to happen no matter what. To achieve curl definition it really comes down to technique and patience. In time your hair will grow and you won’t have to worry about skrinkage. If you are impatient however, you can always stretch out your coils by blow-drying them out first and then styling.

Another curl defining technique that works well with longer lengths of hair is the Wash and Go method. I also use this method when my TwistOuts are tired and my curls need a boost.

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