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Vata people should try to eat warming foods which are earthy and sweet with the emphasis upon cooked foods, such as a bowl of dhal, rather than salads.

Emotions: fearful,anxious, apprehensive, sensitive, timid, lacking confidence, slightly nervous, changeable. Long hair cutting styles for girls Systems most affected by excess vata: the nervous system and also the colon.

Symptoms of excess vata: flatulence, back pain, problems with circulation, dry skin, outbreaks of arthritis, constipation, and nerve disorders. pain, arthritis and nerve disorders. Vata types, because of their individual restless nature, certainly require a regular intake of nourishment, and they should sit down to eat or drink at regular times. Careful exercise should always be taken In summer the vata quickly begins to accumulate as the heat of in moderation, clearly maintaining a gentle, regular, well-worked thsun begins to dry everything out The best way to stop your out routine that will help to keep the mind focused, and in skin from drying out too, so keeping it gently moist is to use a perfect harmony with the body. top quality natural cream.

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