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Synthetic Straight Kaneklon bulk for braiding cornrows, singles, and micros

Bone Rollers

Singles (also known as individuals) are braids made up of three-strands of hair braided unattached to the scalp. This technique is used to capture a full Bob Style that last up to Two (2) months. Braid time 8-10 hours.

The Procedure is Simple:

Step 1: Separate synthetic hair from pack and cut hair at the rubber band (in center of synthetic bulk). Pull strands out of the bulk (pinch).

Step 2: In order to get a natural finish, separate pinch of hair into 2 bunches, gather bunches together from the middle and then pull the bunches in opposite directions.

Step 3: Part Client’s hair into square part with comb (make size as desired)

Step 4: Grip parted hair at scalp (be sure to grip client’s hair but not so firm that you damage or rip client’s hair from scalp).

Step 5: With free hand, gather and wrap separated synthetic hair around natural hair while pulling downward on synthetic hair.

Author’s Note: Keep slight tension on synthetic hair while wrapping

Step 6: Loop once to ensure the hair stays put, then loop client’s natural hair (as braiding) through the two open strands of synthetic hair. At this point, a three-strand braid should begin to form.

Step 7: Slowly stop and gather synthetic hair (From one of the groups ) and allow it to mix with the clients natural hair. This is known as the gathering process. Continue process until braid is complete.

Step 8: After braid is complete, clip (with scissors) excess strands from braid.

Jump to Braid Girl section on Alternatives for the ends of synthetic braided styles.

Beginners note: Be sure to braid in a consistent downward formation to ensure the braids neatness.

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