Give your hair and scalp a treat with an organic honey and olive oil conditioner. Mix equal parts together and warm in the microwave, then apply to clean, towel-dried hair, and wrap in a warm towel for 20 minutes. This will leave hair smooth and ultra-soft and shiny.


Palliative care is somewhat different and is becoming more widespread. It can be applied to patients who are not terminal, but again, the emphasis is on improving the quality of life and providing comfort during a serious illness. Check your makeup insurance policy about coverage. There seems to be growing support for what is called death with dignity, or assisted suicide. That is allowing people who choose to depart this world for the next to do so with physician assistance. Needless to say, it is controversial. There are huge ethical considerations for doctors and families. While it is allowed in some states, it is not in most. Those who choose this path, regardless of what the state legally allows or disallows, often turn to a method that is effective though some might call it inhumane or barbaric. These people literally starve themselves to death, refusing nourishment of any kind. food or liquid. until the body shuts down. It usually takes about ten days. We put down our pets more humanely than that. It is a long and winding road before one gets to that point. As the body wears down with age life can become a series of detours. From the doctor is office, to various medical tests, to surgeries, to rehab. It is expensive and stressful. More and more Americans are being subjected to an enormous amount of medical testing as they age or become ill. The testing is useful for diagnosing and tracking a multitude of conditions.

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