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Physical activity, whether it is planned exercise such as biking or jogging, or normal activity such as washing the car or gardening, Long haircut styles for men stimulates perspiration and the oil-secreting action of the skin. The natural oils help the skin, hair, and nails retain moisture and health. Physical activity increases circulation and is one of the best ways to give the skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Exercise can increase the need for several nutrients related to health of skin, hair and nails. The most important nutrient to replace during and after exercise is water. More fluids must be consumed to compensate for fluid losses in perspiration. Because thirst is not a good indicator of fluid losses, a person may not drink enough water to replace losses after an exercise session. If exercise is carried out on a hot or humid day, even greater fluid losses are likely to occur. In general, drink twice the amount of fluid it takes to quench thirst to replenish lost fluids.

A person who exercises often can consume more calories to maintain body weight than the sedentary person because of the increased energy burned during physical fitness. The body needs vitamin B1? vitamin B2, niacin, pantothenic acid, biotin, and vitamin B6 to process the additional calories. Whole and unrefined complex carbohydrate foods contain the B vitamins and other trace minerals that are needed for the processing of calories. Refined white flours, breads, and rice might contain adequate quantities of vitamin Bb vitamin B2, and niacin, but contain less of the other nutrients than whole grain varieties. These B vitamins also are necessary for healthy skin, hair, and nails. (Table 8, page 58)

Increased urinary excretion and decreased circulating levels of zinc are associated with vigorous activity. Low levels of zinc in the body might cause the skin to become dry and rough and the hair to become dull. During periods of strenuous activity, the hair diet should contain several servings of zinc-rich foods each day. (See page 51 for sources of zinc in the hair diet.)

During exercise, additional amounts of vitamin E might be needed to protect cell membranes from destruction from oxidising agents. Because exercise increases respiration and oxygen intake, there is a greater chance that oxidising agents will enter the body or be formed during exercise. This nutrient might prevent premature development of brown aging spots.

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