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Origanum vulgare Passiflora incarnata, Maypop Rosmarinus officinalis For Your Hair and Skin

There are many species of Marjoram, and they are used in potpourris and cooking. Medicinally, Long haircut styles for women Marjoram reduces depression and helps tackle nervous headaches. It contains volatile oils which are antispasmodic, making it useful when soothing digestive upsets. The infused oil can be used in the bath to relieve stiffness, or rubbed on to soothe sore and aching joints or muscles.

Parts used: Leaves.

Dose: 1 tsp dried/2 tsp fresh to a cup of boiling water, taken twice a day.

This is a climbing plant which produces spectacular flowers. It is often included in sleeping mixes, and is very helpful when tackling restlessness and insomnia. It counteracts the effects of adrenaline, which may cause anxiety, palpitations or nervous tremors. It is used to ease the pain of neuralgia.

Parts used: Dried leaves and flowers.

Dose: 1 tsp dried herb twice a day, or 1 tsp at night, or take an over-the-counter preparation as directed.

A familiar plant containing several active, aromatic oils. Like Lavender it can be used both externally, in the form of an essential or infused oil. and internally as a flavouring, tea or tincture. The actions of Rosemary are centred on the head and womb. It increases the supply of blood to both. In the head it helps tackle cold headaches and in the gut eases spasms due to poor circulation.

Parts used: Leaves and flowers.

Dose: 1 tsp to a cup of boiling water taken up to three times a day.

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