Long Haircuts With Bangs For Oval Faces


When changing your colour, go slowly and naturally, starting with highlights ~aiVd/or lowlights rather than opting for a full colour change immediately. You do not want your hair to look out-of-sync with your age – very dark or very blonde hair will immediately look artificial on anyone over the age of 30. Your hair colour should keep up with the changes in your skin condition and tone – that way, it will look more natural.

That way you will have to sign in to view it on your phone or other device, meaning you’ll be less likely to mindlessly open it and start scrolling. ONLINE RELATIONSHIPS Many people these days meet via the various online dating websites and apps, and many a good relationship has begun this way.

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My experience with the ‘catfishing’ incident opened my eyes to the potential risks of meeting someone online (even if I wasn not knowingly involved! ), so I think it is sensible to go into internet dating with some awareness. If you are forming a relationship with someone online and something doesn not feel quite right, put in the time to research whether you really are dealing with the person you think you are. There are websites where you can upload photos to see if there are any matches online.

If the guy who was duped using my lifted photos had done this, he would have very easily found my website, with my real name. Also, be careful about the information you share online, keeping in mind that once it is out there, it is very hard to have total control over it. It is especially important to discuss this with your kids and to ensure they understand that they can be lured into sharing photos and other details that might be used in undesirable ways.

Today is younger generation has grown up with social media as second nature; they literally have not known a world without it. Although this means that they may be particularly savvy and up-with-theplay with technology, it doesn not mean that they necessarily have a makeupy perspective around it, or the required education to know how to use it mindfully.

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