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To prevent premature greying some nutritionists recommend restricting your intake of caffeine, alcohol, meat and any food that is fried, greasy, spicy, sour or acidic. These items are said to reduce moisture and nutrients from reaching the hair follicles.

I want to motivate and inspire other women to realise their dreams, to help women in start-up businesses by sharing my own experiences. I share my Motivate Me journey whenever I can to encourage women to believe in themselves, strive for their goals and be confident in knowing that they deserve success. I have always been a real planner, brainstorming ideas and writing endless lists and notes.

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However, I wouldn not say that I had a hugely developed business strategy or long-term plan when I set up Motivate Me, other than that I liked to imagine I would one day have an empire with a big head office, outposts across the country and a fleet of branded cars! (Dreams are important, right? Shoot for the moon and all that jazz ) I don not really consciously set out to be strategic; however, it is probably a bit like being entrepreneurial it comes naturally to some people. I also don not consciously ‘network’, but when I find myself with someone who has an interesting story to tell, I listen. I listen and talk about the other person is business, their goals, their journeys, challenges and so on.

I guess what I’m saying is that when in a ‘networking’ situation, my natural curiosity about others kicks in. I’m generally thinking about how I can help the other person, rather than how I can help myself, though. I think of who I can connect that person with, who they might collaborate well with and, through doing so, opportunities may come their way as well as mine.

And although I don not really label it as such, maybe that is what networking is.

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