As skin loses melanin and becomes paler in colour, think about changing your hair colour to complement your skin. Adding darker shades will drain the colour from your face, whereas a mixture of lighter shades with darker tones underneath will create texture and movement.


The next most important thing is to stay active on your Facebook page. If you don not stay active, if there is no fresh content, anyone visiting your page will assume your business has shut down. An old, tired or slow social media page gives people the impression the business is performing the same way. It is also crucial that your Facebook page has a personality; don not make it all about advertising, promotions or trying to sell something. Followers like a personal story, especially one they can relate to. I think that one of the reasons my Facebook page has been so successful is that it has always been quite personality-driven. Early on, I shared my story and I guess my life experience gave me fairly broad appeal I was a mum, I was into sports, I had worked in retail, etc. That made me easy to identify with. I also interact with my followers, and while this is more to do with my personality than any business strategy, one-on-one conversations between a brand and a customer are gold it is simply good customer service on one level, but it also makes your audience feel special and creates loyalty. Make sure that you don not disrespect your followers by beauty spamming them with only incomedriving posts you’ll soon lose that hard-won loyalty.

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