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Stress, or rather our inability to cope with an excess amount of it, is one of the biggest health problems today. Lifestyles seem to include so many varied and often conflicting demands that it is not surprising that most of us feel stressed at times, sometimes constantly. We all react to excess stress in different ways, perhaps through anxiety, depression or exhaustion, but we can all certainly benefit from the wonderfully balancing and stress-calming effects provided by aromatic oils.

Our bodies are geared to cope with a stressful situation by producing various hormones that trigger off a series of physiological actions in the body; they are known collectively as the fight or flight syndrome, and serve to place the body in a state of alert in a potentially dangerous situation. Extra blood is shunted to the muscles, and the heart rate speeds up while the digestion slows down.These responses are appropriate when we are faced with a physical threat, but can nowadays be triggered by quite different kinds of stress and end up placing a strain on our bodies without fulfilling any useful need.

In order to help reduce the impact of stress on the whole system, Long haircuts straight it is necessary to find ways both to avoid getting overstressed in the first instance, and of letting go of the changes that occur internally under stress. Aromatherapy can be a great help in each case, especially during and immediately after a long relaxing massage, because the oils will help to keep you calm.

It should not take you long to discover which particular essential oils work best for you as an individual.

I Ideally have the person lying down with the head in your lap or on a cushion. With your fingertips, gently begin smoothing the essential oil into the face.

2 Using your thumbs, one after the other stroke tension gently and carefully away from the centre of the forehead.

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