Long haircuts for thin hair with bangs

Have a strong lip colour Go for well-defined eyebrows and eyelashes. In short, everything on the face has to be sculpted and structured. Don’t forget to define your eyes really well. QUESTION 1 Your idea of a fairytale wedding… A Takes place in a gothic cathedral or medieval mansion, strewn with flower garlands and strings of semi-precious jewels. B Sees your guests arriving at a splendid country estate or stately home where there’s an impressive sweeping staircase. Long haircuts for thin hair with bangs C Features the sound of waves or birdsong, a gentle breeze, wild blooms and giggling flower girls running bare foot on the ground. QUESTION 2 Your fiance loves it when your hair is. Long haircuts for thin hair with bangs A Half-up or all down, and with its natural wavy texture on show. B Blow-dried to perfection, sleek and shiny, styled back from your face. C Blowing in the wind or sexily stuck to your face with rain. QUESTION 3 You feel most comfortable when your hair is. A At its longest and falls freely in Bohemian waves from a perfect centre- or side-parting. B Freshly blow-dried and lightly lacquered, so you can be confident your perfect look will last. C Fuss-free, maybe pulled up into a casual topknot or pony, so it doesn’t get in your way.

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