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I was 20 when I first met Jez. I was at university and he was running a student nightclub. With his outgoing personality and enthusiasm for life, I was instantly taken with him. I soon realised that he was also the kindest man I’d ever met. After I graduated, Jez proposed – and in August 1996, when I was I KNOW I 24, we married in a register office ceremony. Long hairstyles cuts In the following years, CAN COUNT I took over my dad s music firm, while Jez started a web-design ON HIM company – and after recruiting staff to work across both, Long hairstyles cuts we ran the businesses together out of the same office. But by the time I reached my thirties, Long hairstyles cuts the idea that I’d met my partner at 20 seemed so limiting – and it became increasingly obvious to both of us that we needed some time apart. In August .006, after 10 vears of marriage, e separated and I moved out of our home. But while it ‘.r/as easy enough to separate our home lives, work ‘ – as another matter entirely.

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