Long inverted bob haircut side view

Coffee is a lifesaver, red lipstick can save the world, and brides look prettiest in red (or white, depending on which part of the world). As it happens, hyperboles are exactly what they mean exaggerations. Looking like a million bucks on D-day is desirable, but not everyone wants to be drenched in the official bridal emblems of their community Whether it’s in the deceptively simple choice of colour, or your preference for hair and make-up, straying from tried-and-tested bridal dressing can be challenging. You can certainly expect a family dispute or two, but if your D-day plans are straying distressingly far from your personal sensibilities, it’s time to take a stand and be who you are. It’s your wedding day, after all. Makeup Moves Long inverted bob haircut side view If you’ve never been a make-up person, why agree to look like a painted doll on your wedding day? Commissioning an experienced make-up artist can solve a lot of your problemslook for artists whose works align with your personal aesthetics. A good idea is to look at their non-bridal work and use those as a reference instead of traditional bridal looks.

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