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Reading the Symptoms

When trying to cure a disease, the vital force causes the body to produce symptoms. Long layered asymmetrical haircuts Homeopaths call this “the symptom picture”. These symptoms accurately reflect exactly what is happening inside, and they also indicate what outside help or extra energy is therefore now required.

For example, during a flu epidemic two children in the same family become ill. The first child catches the flu very suddenly, overnight, and develops a high fever with a red face and a dry burning heat all over the body. The second child’s symptoms might be very different, appearing quite slowly over several days. This child’s fever is much lower but he is shaky and shivery and his muscles ache all over Both children have the same flu, but the vital force has produced completely different symptoms. Each child therefore needs to be treated in quite a different way.The homeopath will certainly understand this and give the first child the remedy Belladonna, while the second child receives quantities of Gelsemium. Homeopathy is well known for excelling at individualizing such treatments.

While it is quite true to say that in homeopathy we do not treat symptoms but the individual sufferer we are still extremely interested in the symptoms. For it is through careful observation of the complete symptom picture that we can discover which remedy is required. In acute ailments the vital force will eventually effect a cure, given sufficient time, but by giving a helping hand from an accurate reading of the symptoms, that is by giving the body an “energy fix, the process can in fact be speeded up constderakjjy.

Mental and emotional stress, often at work, can surprisingly quickly lead to a range of physical problems.

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