Long Layered Blonde Haircuts 

How to Doobie Your Hair

1.Start with clean, air dried and combed hair.

2.Be sure to comb your hair all in the same direction (i.e., to one side)

3.Take the ends of your hair and ‘wrap’ around your head, as far as you can (Longer hair may wrap around all the way or more than once).

4.Secure your hair with bobby pins to keep it in place.

5.Protect with a headband or bandanna.

Tip 33: Switch up your hair part lines alternating from side parts and centre parts. Find your new part and pin it down with bobby pins as soon as you get out of the shower (so that it dries parted to the side). This technique trains your hair to lay which ever way you want it to.

Long Layered Blonde Haircuts  Photo Gallery

Tip 34: Loose braids and bunning your hair without the use of over tight elastic bands will save your hair from accidental breakage during the day. Mix up styles to avoid Hair Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI), even placing your ponytail in different locations (high, low and to the side) helps.

Tip 35: Seek the expertise of your Health Practitioner to determine any vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In combination with a healthy eating plan it is critical you are getting the correct doses of the vitamins and minerals you need. Pregnant and Breastfeeding mums and children will require different recommended daily amounts.

Tip 36: Studies show a direct correlation to hair loss and vitamin D deficiency. Spending a few minutes in the Sun is enough to get your daily dose. Wear a hat to protect your hair (and face) from Sun exposure.

Tip 37: The nutritional benefits of nuts can’t be overlooked, eat a variety of nuts for best hair growth. The fats they contain are healthy fats and they make a great snack idea.

Tip 38: Diet and hair are linked. Follow the healthy hair diet if you want healthy beautiful hair eat healthy foods, avoid crash diets, and eat adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, low-fat dairy and ‘good’ fats for your body type or lifestyle. A dietician or your Health Provider can assist you in creating a hair healthy eating plan suitable to your individual needs.

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