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Chamomile Blend Astringent All/Oily

A soothing, anti-inflammatory astringent for all skin types. My students and

I made this astringent in a class at the Green Nations Gathering, one of the popular annual herbal conferences in the Northeast. Long layered hair cut side bangs We passed the as- tringent around in a spritzer bottle and enjoyed the refreshing mist. One woman with sensitive and oily skin was extremely impressed to finally find an astringent that felt just right for her. Combine the following freshly dried 16 oz. water herbs to equal a large handful (total 8 oz. 80 proof vodka (or other 80 1 oz.): chamomile, elder flower, proof liquor) comfrey root (crushed or powdered optional: 2 teaspoons glycerin prior to use), nettle leaf

Make an infusion of herbs with water and let steep for 4 hours. Pour 8 oz. strained herbal infusion into 16-oz. jar, add vodka and if you desire, glycerin. Cap and shake well. It is ready to use. Makes 16 oz.

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