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Arnica montana Arsenicum album

Arnica is a well-known herb with yellow, daisy-like flowers. Its native habitat is mountainous areas. Long layered haircuts with side bangs kim kardashian It has a special affinity with soft tissue and muscles, and is usually the first remedy to consider after any accident. Where there is bruising but the skin is not broken, use Arnica cream. (When the skin is broken, use Calendula or Hypercal cream.)

The most important remedy for bruising. Shock following an accident. Muscle strains after strenuous or extreme exertion.


Bryonia alba

Bryonia is prepared from the roots of white bryony, a climbing plant which is found in hedgerows right across Europe. The roots are surprisingly large and store a great deal of water. Bryonia patients often seem to lack’lubrication.

The symptoms tend to develop slowly. Dryness marks all symptoms: in the mouth, membranes and joints. Extreme thirst. The condition feels worse with the slightest motion. Bryonia coughs are dry and very painful. The person is irritable.

Arsenic oxide is a well-known poison. However when used as a homeopathic remedy it is extremely safe and works especially well on the gastro-intestinal and respiratory systems.

Vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal and stomach cramps.

Often the first remedy in cases of food poisoning. Asthmatic, wheezy breathing, often worse at night. Head colds with a runny nose. Chilliness, restlessness, anxiety and weakness.

Warmth gives great relief.

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