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Shadow Electronics has been around since 1971 and the Germany-based company has consistently been at the forefront of innovation for acoustic musicians creating many products that we take for granted today! One of their latest creations is the SH PanaMag Wireless for acoustic guitars, which are frequently ignored by instrument gear manufacturers compared to their louder and flashier electric guitar counterparts.

When I spoke to Shadow Electronics I was impressed by how helpful they were and how excited they are about this product. Long male haircuts 2017 They even conducted a brief survey to find out how I knew about their company and if I had ever used any of their other products in the past – which I had. The SH PanaMag Wireless has a lot to offer and all of this is included in the package: A Shadow wireless sound hole mounted pickup, Shadow wireless receiver, stereo sound (you can run this to two separate amps or split it to a PA system), four controls for volume adjustment, automatic chromatic tuner, USB Charger (you can charger the pickup transmitter from the receiver or other cell phone related chargers), 30 metre range from the receiver and automatic-frequency hopping-system so it doesn’t drop your sound!

After charging the transmitter, I took an acoustic guitar loosened up the strings some and slid the pickup right in the sound hole. Shadow also provides some taped padding that you can use to tighten the fit of the pickup so it isn’t loose and banging around in your guitars’ sound hole. Once secure I also adjusted the pickup so it was a bit closer to my strings, this is easily accomplished with the two screws that secure the pickup to the wireless transmitter. After that was accomplished I paired the two devices (transmitter and receiver) by holding down the pairing the buttons so they would sync up.

Although this product is designed to run in stereo you can also use it Mono out to a single amplifier like I did and sounds fine! My favourite features of the PanaMag were that it lets you go wireless, it has a built in tuner, the Li-Ion battery in the transmitter lasts five to eight hours, and you can dial in a great sound easy!

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