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Hair changes as you get older, and you may need to consider products you have never used before. These can add volume, Long on top haircut women give root-lift, add gloss, help control static and protect the shaft from heated styling appliances. Check them out to make the most of your hair.

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If you are always saying yes to other people is requests, you may be doing yourself a disservice. There might be someone at work who always suggests meetings that feel pointless and go on for far too long, eating into valuable time. Perhaps suggest that together you take a look at whether these meetings are really necessary. Each week, try to release or resolve something negative that is hanging around in your life big or small. It might be an annoying mess in the house that is making you feel stressed every time you walk past it, a bad relationship or some unfinished conversation to be resolved, or social media pages that make you feel bad about yourself that you continue to look at tidy up, confront and resolve, unfollow. I create a checklist of these jobs in my weekly diary and try to tackle one a week, by myself or by delegating tasks to family members. This not only improves the environment around me but helps my mental makeup by ticking things off my ‘to do’ list. I know that if I don not tick things off that list, I will start to feel overwhelmed (and unproductive). WHAT WORKS FOR ME to live a happy, fulfilled life I make sure I spend time with people who make me laugh and I mean literally laugh out loud. Laughing really is the best medicine for a lot of worries.

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