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Plus these bottles of pills:

Aconite – for fevers, coughs and colds Apis – for bites and stings

Arnica – for bruising or shock following accidents Arsenicum – for digestive upsets and food poisoning Belladonna – for high fever and headaches Bryonia – for dry coughs and fevers Chamomilla – for teething and colic Ferrum phos – for colds, flu and anaemia Gelsemium – for flu and anxiety Hepar sulph – for sore throats and infected wounds Hypericum – for injuries

Although not strictly a homeopathic treatment, Rescue Remedy is one of Dr Edward Bach’s Flower Remedies. Long pixie haircut for oval faces These flower essences are a series of gentle plant remedies which are intended to treat various emotional states, regardless of the physical disorder.

Ignatia – for grief and emotional upsets Ledum – for puncture wounds, bites and stings Lycopodium – for anxiety and digestive problems Mercurius – for sepsis

Nux vomica – for hangovers, nausea and indigestion Phosphorus – for digestive problems and nosebleeds Pulsatilla – for ear infections, fevers and eye problems Rhus tox – for sprains, strains and rashes Ruta – for injuries to tendons and bones the materia medica There are something like 2,000 remedies in the homeopathic Materia Medica, though most of them are actually best left to the professional practitioner. However, there are a surprising number of remedies that can safely be used by the lay person in low potencies for acute and first-aid cases. These remedies cover a wide range of not too serious, non-persistent problems. It is well worth seeing just how much you can achieve.

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