Long Textured Hairstyles For Women

Another quick method that I use to define my curls when I am in a hurry is, after applying the product to my hair, I pull it up tightly into a pineapple. While the hair is soaking wet, I use my hands, smoothing my edges and pulling down to the ends of the hair. I do this while hanging my head upside down and allowing my curls to fall towards the floor.

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This method allows me to manually clump my curls together giving them definition. Once I have gathered all of the hair on the top of my head, I use a satin ribbon (I make my own by cutting a satin scarf into strips) and tie the hair tightly into a ponytail. I allow my hair to air dry like this for about an hour and then I take the ribbon out, shake and go.

You will cut your time down as you perfect the process of defining your curls, in the beginning though it can take some time depending on the amount of hair that you have. I can assure you that the end result is well worth the patience in the process.

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