Long thick layered haircuts

To look your best, start with altering your hair; go short, stylish and very colourful. Brown hair colour will make your look striking. It is essential to get a head massage and henna conditioning once a month to make sure your beautiful hair is also healthy. If single, your sweetheart may surprise you with a weekend trip to a luxurious resort. Long thick layered haircuts Tip of the month: Smile more often as it only adds to your natural beauty. Your tarot card is ‘The Star’. Being persistent may be the mantra for you to handle your colleagues and clients. Growing your hair out may be a good idea as it will give you the opportunity to play with different hairdos. Stick to a few streaks to look your best. Relaxing treatments are good but if you’re suffering from dandruff, make sure you keep your scalp clean and moisturised. If single, enjoy the attention of a new love interest.

Tip of the month: Use a hydrating conditioner to maintain your tresses. Long thick layered haircuts Your tarot card is ‘Justice’, depicting a time for twists and turns. Key in all facts and details before acting upon anything at work. You try a new haircut, dark brown colour, and keep your hair neatly tied in wonderful braids. All shades of blue, beige, silver and cream look great on you as you try great outfits for the season in these shades, completing your look with make-up to match. Love life is great as your partner is understanding, compassionate and loving! Tip of the month: Make sure you oil your hair once a week and leave it overnight for best results.

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