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(Matricaria recutita [German] or Chamaemelum nobile [Roman])

Roman and German Chamomile are both used to obtain essential oils with very similar properties. Long trendy haircuts Chamomile is relaxing and antispasmodic, helping to relieve tension headaches, nervous digestive problems or insomnia, for instance.


(Cananga odorata var. genuina)

This tropical tree, native to Indonesia, produces an intensely sweet essential oil that has a sedative yet antidepressant action. It is very good for a range of symptoms such as excessive tension, insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety and depression. It also has a good reputation as an aphrodisiac, through its ability to reduce stress levels.


(Jasminum officinale)

This oil is another classic ingredient in inhalations for relieving catarrh, although commercial menthol (a major part of the oil) may be used with good results. Peppermint’s many known analgesic and antispasmodic effects make it very useful for rubbing on the temples in order to ease any tension headaches; ideally dilute a drop in a little base cream or oil before you begin applying.

One of the most wonderful aromas, Jasmine has a relaxing, euphoric effect, and can greatly lift the mood when there is debility, depression and listlessness. Use in the bath or in massage oils, or use Jasmine flower water for oily skin.

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