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Flattering hairdos that make you look slimmer and younger? Yes, please! Here’s how your hair can reshape your face

We all know the wonders that a haircut can do for self-esteem… and it’s no coincidence that you often feel like a million bucks after leaving the salon. The right hairstyle not only gives you a little makeover, it can also help to shave years off your overall look, and who doesn’t want to look younger? You know all those fashion tricks that make you look taller or thinner – like vertical stripes and deep V-neck tops? Well, you can apply the same sort of concept to your hair, too. Choosing the right cut and colour will slim look like you’ve found the fountain of youth – and the zero-effort way to diet – all thanks to having the right hairdo…

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If you’ve got… long hair

According to hairstylist to the stars Ken O’Rourke, long hair tends to elongate your face, making it look slimmer, but if your current cut means there’s lots of weight in the hair at the front of your face, it can drag your features down and emphasise sagging jowls. Ouch.

Keep it long but ask for: Long layers that frame your face, starting at around chin level – this should balance out the weight of your hair when compared to your face, emphasising your jawline and elongating your neck to create more slimlined features. Want to wear long hair pulled back into a ponytail? The higher the better, and pull out a few face-framing tendrils.

Also consider: A full-bodied, bouncy blow-dry will lift your features and, if you have naturally wavy locks, style the waves away from your face to emphasise cheekbones. A side parting (like Blake Lively’s) is also super slimming. Fan of a centre parting? The front sections should frame your face (see Meghan Markle’s look, right).

If you’ve got… mid-length hair

Hairdresser Darren Ambrose says that bobs are one of the most versatile cuts and there really is one for every face shape. But if you have a round face and don’t want to draw attention to it, avoid shorter layers around your cheeks and chin, as these can make your features look wider.

Keep the length but ask for: A blunt bob cut at an angle and match it with a low side parting with hair sweeping across your face (almost cutting it in half like Kristen Bell) to create more angular features and accentuate cheekbones.

Also consider: A stacked bob that’s shorter at the back and longer at the front (think Victoria Beckham’s ‘pob’ haircut) will slim a round face, while styling your hair into soft waves at the temple will make your cheekbones pop. Want a longer neck? A shoulderskimming bob will do the trick. Fancy a fringe? Choose a wispy one that’s shorter in the middle and longer at the sides like Rashida Jones.

If you’ve got… short hair

When it comes to a cropped cut, Ken says it’s all about steering clear of sharp, ‘close-to-the-head’ blunt cuts, as they can be pretty unforgiving – any features you’re not too fond of have no place to hide! So if you haven’t got pixie features, consider the below…

Keep it short but ask for: A slightly messier undone cut, with delicate longer layers. Correct styling is essential – you need volume at the crown like Scarlett Johansson, which will draw eyes upwards, giving the illusion of a slimmer face.

Also consider: Forget about cutting a blunt fringe if you have a round face; a longer, side-swept and can even make you look younger. Plus, it looks good on just about everyone regardless quit Googling those Botox options!

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