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OK. Another hairdo we’re going to do this morning is called Loony Braids. So I have taken her hair and parted it on one side and then just parted it right down the dead center, middle. And obviously, my daughter has some bangs, so she likes them pulled out of the braid and just to the side. So I’ve wet her hair down just a little for this one, just to help control the fly aways. But if you don’t want to wet your hair down, you don’t have to. In fact, it would probably be a little softer look if you didn’t wet it down. OK. Now, the only trick to this braid is starting it. And what you want to do is pull two pieces of hair off to the side that are really pretty small.

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So these are now your three pieces for the braid. So you’re just going to start doing a very normal braid, but you’re going to have one piece that’s obviously much bigger than the other two. And as you’re going to go along, you’re going to see that it’s going to create a little bit of a different look. So this is just a standard braid. Don’t freak out because it looks weird or anything like that. And then what I like to do you can pull on the strands and cinch the hair up, but I find it hurts them more than just going back and giving these little tug these big chunky pieces. And it gives it just a little more of a dynamic pop out. So I’ll keep braiding. And I’ll braid down a few more times. And then I’ll go back down again and give these a little tug. When you start running out of hair, like I am right now, then you just rubber band it at the end. Put a rubber band in. And there you have the Loony Braid. And you can see that the braid looks really different. It sort of looks laced through there. And there you go.

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