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Two albums from a country lady whose personal life at times reads like a Greek tragedy!

There is no doubting the country pedigree of Lorrie Morgan, the daughter of George Morgan, who had some big country hits in the 1950s. One can only but admire her determination to carry on and make a good career for herself despite some awful personal tragedies, the worst of which was when she found her husband Keith Whitley dead at home from too much alcohol, at a time when he had just hit the top of the country charts. It is great credit to her that not only did she carry on with her career, but to this day remains someone thought of quite highly as sounding close to the late great Tammy Wynette.

It isjustsadtoread her story to date, six marriages, so I really hope that today she has found that personal happiness that for so long has seemed to elude her. Of the two albums here, WATCH ME is infinitely the better, with this soulful singer in good voice on some strong songs, but again there is nothing you could say was truly memorable for 2017.

Ironically the much weaker WAR PAINT, containing too much middle-of-the-road country/pop, has a very good duet version of A Good Year For The Roses with Sammy Kershaw. Reading the notes again, they tell how this meeting produced a passionate affair between thetwo country singers! Sammy became Lorrie’s fifth husband following abitterestrangementfrom Sammy’s then wife, and was a marriage that lasted six years, before this again ended in divorce. I have heard better country music from Lorrie than can be found, particularly, on the second CD. Country music is often criticised for being too bland, but really if you digest the life of Lorrie Morgan, it’s music that at times is ‘really lived in’, and that, in my opinion is also its strength. An interesting release. David Brassington www.lorrie.com

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