How to Lose Weight Fast: 2 Simple Steps, Based on Science


I can keep my eating under control until the evening, but then it all goes to pot – can you help?

I would suggest that you try to eat earlier in the day – starting with a satiating breakfast, such as berries and yoghurt plus eggs on toast, and not skimping on lunch either. Be brave, take control and don’t panic that you’ll take in too many calories overall if you eat your meals this way! I’m almost certain that eating earlier in the day will help you stay in control in the evening. Put all your leftovers straight into the fridge after you’ve finished your evening meal and close the kitchen two hours before bed. Only keep fresh fruit on your work surface so that it’s your go-to snack if you do feel peckish.

Do you crave sugary foods more when you’re feeling stressed or low? Well, a study involving Whitehall civil servants shows sugar consumption may cause depression. Links between sugar and depression have been made before – one study in Chinese adults, who traditionally drink unsweetened tea, showed that those who drank soft drinks had higher depression rates – and in 2002, a study of overall sugar consumption per person in six countries implicated sugar as a factor in higher rates of major depression. Neurons (nerve cells) in the brain are not well prepared for sugar level spikes.

And neurons grown in the laboratory also show increased inflammation when exposed to high levels of glucose. Eating low-glycaemic-index meals – protein, veg and slow-releasing carbs, such as pulses and wholegrains, is your key to curbing the desire for sweet foods, as is snacking on nuts, fruit and mini chunks of cheese when a sugar craving strikes.

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