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Easy lunch and evening meals

If you work and you normally buy your lunch, you may find it difficult to keep within your calorie limits because you’re dealing with small numbers. The calories on some over-the-counter foods might be difficult to identify. To get round this you might decide it’s easier to prepare your lunch and take it with you. Vegetable dishes, including salads, are low in calories and can be filling – especially if you include protein.

The following list of ingredients can be used to make lots of different simple dishes which can be your lunch or evening meal. Homemade soup is always a useful thing to have in the fridge. Be careful of bought soups – particularly tinned soups – as many are high in calories and contain a lot of salt and sugar. Miso soup, which comes in small sachets, is very low in calories (40kcal) and is great for Low Calorie Days or for your lunch or evening meal.

Be aware of the portion sizes of the ingredients listed. They are small portions. Weigh out some of the ingredients to make sure you know what 30g of French beans looks like, for example.

Protein: Beef, sliced 30g 60kcal

Beef minced/ground 30g 65kcal Cannellini beans 40g 34kcal Chicken breast (small w/o

skin) 124kcal Chicken thigh (small w/o skin) 82kcal Cottage Cheese 30g 27kcal

Egg 80kcal

Ham, slice 37kcal

Hummus 20g 33kcal

Lentils 30 35kcal

Mozzarella cheese – 1A cheese 80kcal Pork/Beef sausage 81kcal

Prawns /shrimps 30g 90kcal

Sardines tinned 40g 83kcal Tofu 50g 50kcal

Tuna tinned 60g 70kcal

Carbohydrates Brown rice 30g 35kcal Cauliflower 70g 16kcal Couscous 40g 45kcal New potatoes 70g 60kcal

Rye bread, one slice 83kcal Wholemeal bread, one slice 75kcal Wholewheat pasta 40g

50kcal Bean sprouts 30g 9kcal

Broccoli 50g l8kcal

Cabbage 50g 11kcal

Carrots 30g 12kcal

Celery 30g 4kcal

French beans 40g 7kcal

Lettuce 30g 5kcal

Mushrooms 25g 6kcal

Onion 50g 21kcal

Pak choi 50g 7kcal Peas 30g 23kcal Red pepper (1) 30kcal

Salad, mixed one serving 17kcal Spring onion (3) 5kcal Sweet corn 30g 24kcal

Tomatoes, cherry (5) 25kcal Zucchini / courgette (small) 20kcal Other Cheese sauce, 5 tablespoons 124kcal Macaroni /pasta 70g 111kcal Miso soup, sachet 40kcal Olive oil, tablespoon 135kcal Pesto, 1 tablespoon 39kcal

Here are some lunch and evening meal suggestions.

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