Losing Your Hair? It Could Be Tight Hair Accessories!

Every woman enjoys changing her look with hair accessories—the most commonly used items include ponytail holders, barrettes, banana clips, rubber bands and rollers. However, if worn too tightly, they can cause hair loss, ranging from simple breakage to extreme bald patches. Therefore, you must be careful to avoid unfortunate side effects.

Losing Your Hair? It Could Be Tight Hair Accessories! Photo Gallery

First, a too-taut accessory can cause pulling at the hair roots—which can damage them, leading to hair loss called tension alopecia. For example, rollers (especially the hard type) put tension on hair follicles, particularly if you sleep in them. You may start seeing larger parts in your hair where you routinely put your rollers or clip-on accessories. To avoid this, try changing the direction of clip-ins daily, using softer rollers or simply pin-curling or wrapping your hair. Whatever you can do to avoid the pulling and tugging at your hair will be instrumental. Constant tension could lead to eventual scarring of the hair follicles— and permanent hair loss.
Second, the type of material the accessory is made of can cause your hair to break. For example, the metal closures in barrettes and the rubber in ponytail holders can cause friction to the hair strands and lead to breakage where they’re attached, resulting in short, broken hairs. It is better to use silky cloth-covered scrunchies or hair holders.
Understanding how to use hair accessories properly can greatly reduce your chances of hair loss. However, if you’re experiencing any type of hair thinning, breakage or loss, your follicles must be treated from the inside, at the roots, in order to improve hair growth. Get started with BellaNutri, a dermatologist-developed, all-natural nutritional hair-growth supplement that helps hair in thin or bald areas grow back thicker, faster, longer, stronger and healthier from within. Please visit drmaclin.com.
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