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Keezer’s Harvard Community Exchange US

140 River St, Cambridge; (617)547-2455 Across the street from Great Eastern and Justin Tyme is one of the grand-daddies of the clothing resale biz, Keezer’s. They’ve made their name in men’s formal wear, but they sell everyday stuff too. Secondhand tuxes are among the best bargains around: Used tuxedo jackets are $40 to $60 most places’ll charge you that just to rent a tux for a night. Attention musicians, frequent wedding guests, etc.: Why not own one instead? Add pants for $22.50, and a (new) shirt for $15. Plus bow ties, suspenders, shoes, the works. If you prefer to rent, prices start as low as $40.

Keezer’s also has lots of secondhand suits; a Brooks Brothers pinstripe, for example, was seen for $42.50. Plenty of wool overcoats too (a Burberry coat for $55), along with rainwear and leather bomber jackets. Shoes seen here included a pair of Bally ankle-high brown leather boots for $22.50.

But you don’t have to go with used clothing: Recently, the store has begun snapping up wholesale deals like Ralph Lauren Chaps shirts, selling them for 75% off retail prices. New and used chino pants, in all sizes, start from $5. And they do carry new formal wear at greatprices including closeouts at 50% of retail. Keezer’s is open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 A.M. to 6 P.M

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