Louboutin sneakers for women

Where you should go shopping for Louboutin sneakers for women

Cinderella’s Closet US

370A Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton;(617) 566-8511

Perhaps the name fits best because Cinderella’s fairy godmother made so much out of so little at hand. This small, cozy shop in Cleveland Circle has a limited but lovely selection of nice clothing, such as dresses for $10 to $20 and jeans for $9; plus hats, shoes, funky horn-rimmed sunglasses, and more.

Most of the stock is women’s stuff, with a few items for the guys. There are also lots of period looks, like flapper dresses for $75; many of these can be rented as well, especially popular during prom season at nearby Boston College. Open seven days a week, unusual for this kind of store.

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