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If, when you answered the questionnaire in the introduction, you found that you scored twice as many points on any one type as on the other two, this means that you will predominantly be that type. For example, a score of 30 points on kapha and 5 or 10 on the others would indicate that you are a kapha type. However if there is a closer gap with perhaps 30 points for kapha and 20 for pitta then you are classified as a kapha/pitta type. If you are such a dual type, read the following essential information.

Vata/pitta is a combination of ether/air and fire/water elements. Low fade haircut for kids If you belong to this dual type, refer to both the vata and the pitta eating and living plans. Choose items from the pitta plan during the spring and summer months, and during outbreaks of hot, humid weather Follow the vata plan during the autumn and winter months, and during any cold, dry spells. For example, pungent foods aggravate pitta but can actually help to calm vata (because vata is cold), which is why the plans need to be changed in accordance with the weather; your health and a wide range of other factors. It is really quite important that you keep

Vata/pitta – pitta/vata herbs include the different kinds of basil, coriander (cilantro), cumin seeds, fennel, mint, turmeric and vanilla pods.

a regular accurate check on such factors, and modify your approach accordingly.

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