Lower Back Exercises During Pregnancy

Medical Personnel

a. Provide medical assistance if the race is or longer.

b. Provide the following medical personnel per runners: – physicians, – podiatrists, – emergency medical technicians, – nurses, – physical therapists, – athletic trainers, and – assistants. Approximately of these personnel should be stationed at finish area. Recruit one nurse per runners trained in IV therapy.

c. Recruit emergency personnel from existing organizations police, fire-rescue, emergency medical service.

d. One physician and – medical assistants serve as the triage team in the finish chute. Runners unable to walk are transported to the medical tent via wheelchair, litter, or two-person carry.

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e. Consider one or two physicians and two to four nurses trained in the rehabilitative medical care of wheelchair athletes.

f. Medical volunteers should attend a briefing prior to the event to meet their supervisor and receive identification tags, weather forecast, instructions, and schedules. Supervisors from the following groups should be introduced: medical director; podiatry, nursing, physical therapy, athletic training, medical records, triage, wheelchair athlete care, and medical security optional: chiropractic, massage therapy. Medical volunteers should be distinguished from other race volunteers; luminous/distinctive vests, coats, or hats work well.

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