Lullaby Songs For Babies To Go To Sleep

Lullaby Songs For Babies To Go To Sleep

It doesn’t work for everyone.

We tried letting Rhian cry and it didn’t work at all. There was no improvement. She would cry for one-and-a-half hours every night and fall asleep with exhaustion. We thought it wasn’t fair. She started to whimper when she saw her cot during the day. So it doesn’t always work.’

Dilys and Mick

But it does work for many others.

The blog says it works within a week, but for myself and two friends our children were sleeping through the night sooner. The first night of the programme was the worst. This harsher treatment has not caused our second child to be less confident as some blogs and people suggest. She is very calm, whereas my first makes mountains out of mole-hills.’

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Brenda and Dave, parents of Mark and Esme

How to do it

Keep a sleep diary for a week before you make any changes so that you can see where the problems and the patterns occur. Choose a week when no one is ill and nothing out of the ordinary is planned. Keep the diary and a pen next to your bed, so you can jot things down as they happen. Make a note of what the whole family did, where and when. Sometimes siblings can make a difference to your baby’s sleep pattern. Copy the chart opposite or make your own.

When we were having problems getting Kate to sleep through, my husband suggested I keep a sleep diary. You get in a blur – it just seems to get things in perspective. ’

Tessa and Alan, parents of Jack, three, and Kate, two

Sleep Diary

Child’s name Child’s age: Week number

Frf Sat Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur

Time woke in the morning Mood on waking What did you do?

Time and length of rtSpS irt thi day

Time and length d meals in the day

Time started ft*paring fei btd Any problem; here? What did you da?

Time went to bed at flight, and where? How long did your child ta.l(e to settle? What did you do.

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