Lullaby Songs For Babies To Sleep Free Download

Lullaby Songs For Babies To Sleep Free Download

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is based on the idea that pregnancy and birth are traumatic times for babies. Each baby has the ability to unwind from that trauma, but some get stuck. The trauma is then held and expressed in their bodies. Sleep disturbance can be one expression of this trauma.

With new-born babies it is possible for a therapist to just lay his hands on the skull and for there to be a change within minutes.

Most cranial osteopaths work with the baby while he is being held by his parents. This allows the baby to feel secure with the changes that occur and for the parents to see the baby differently. This is especially useful where your relationship with your baby has been strained by a lack of sleep.

The therapist will usually begin by placing his hands on your baby’s head to tune in to the restrictions he is experiencing, although he could move to any part of the baby’s body where he senses restrictions. There will be nothing for you to see except for a change in the baby, as the therapist does not physically manipulate your baby. Therapists describe what they do as tuning in and listening to the baby and then allowing the baby to use his natural healing ability to move to a place of ease.

The average baby needs between two and five weekly sessions, with a check-up later. See the information section on page 151 for details on how to contact a registered therapist near you.

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