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A fine storyteller, a talented musician, and most definitely a name to watch. Beautiful work

Three years in the making, inspired by life on the road and the wider world that entails, this is Danish artist M. C. Hansen’s fifth album. With a cast of characters and a collection of tales richer than you would find in even the best-stocked bookshelf, this is definitely one worth listening to.

FROM WHITEHORSE TO THE CROW’S NEST offers plenty to get (and keep) you hooked. Smooth vocals you could listen to all day, soft and stunning instrumentals, and stories that are – in Hansen’s own words – true because you listen to them, give them new meanings. Enjoy the variety of a traditional mountain tale in He Was A Young Father, optimistic introspection in Little Sparrow, and belated admiration for a hardworking and honest grandfather in With Any Luck. Later on you get a deeper,

darker story of comeuppance in The Ring, whilst Hansen paints a pretty picture of home in In My Neighbourhood.

And if you’ve ever been to Tennessee, or ever been in love, or ever just really understood how the simple things in life are the most precious, you’ll understand why My East Nashville Dream is a standout track. A simple song that uncannily captures ‘The Dream’.

This album will no doubt become a fast favourite for all music fans. Amy Jones


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