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I’m always in heels I don’t know if you ever noticed that I’m always in the highest Appeals I think my Achilles tendon, and calves are just like shaped that way hey guys, it’s Casey Madden from my blog oh we are kicking off New York Fashion Week by chatting with all your favorite stars okay. So we were asking everyone tonight since we’re here for Fashion Week what has been your biggest fashion splurge over the years oh my goodness eight I bought a few Birkin. So maybe that is my biggest fashion flourish, and a few. But you know is probably one of my reunion dresses.

Yeah yeah they usually run three or four thousand dollars like what are you able to keep those. Yeah we pay for them oh you buy them I did not know you guys bought them come on Bravo I’d rather not say my husband’s probably listening. But a lot oh my god I don’t know I don’t know. Yeah like I don’t know okay I’m gonna kill you I didn’t know about that when it comes to our handbag I don’t think that there’s such thing as too much. Because your shoes, and your bags are things that you can pull out of your closet for years, and years, and years, it’s not a trendy thing you know what I mean.

So, it’s an investment piece, it’s like property. Yeah yes I’ve had a lot of property exactly keep telling herself that this hoodie that was like very expensive robbed me how expensive are we talking, it’s like two thousand bucks for a hoodie what’s been the most expensive bag we bought how much too much garbage to tell that’s a lot of money nice coffee. Yeah what’s the most amount of money we spent on a pair of shoes close to 10 grand Wow I wouldn’t even wear those ever guiteau’s in the clock it was bad, and I’m really glad I didn’t wear I’m tonight since the rain you know wasting $2,000 on a t-shirt $3,000 on a t-shirt it really doesn’t benefit you in the long run I mean you got to pay rent you gotta eat you better do a whole bunch I don’t got time to be playing, it’s wasting money on that boat can you finish this sentence for me I have the most blank in my closet I have the most crap I have the most jacket to my closet. Yeah I love like cropped jackets what has been your biggest fashion regret over the years is there without one moment that you know what it is okay remember when the little bandanas were in style around.

Your head why was I wearing that or the butterfly clips why was I wearing that why was that cool Oh shoulder pads years ago you know I’m older than you and. So shoulder pads that no one looks good, and shoulder pads that shouldn’t regret the the better the look if you can get the biggest shoulder pad you know somebody put it on Instagram today it was like this pink bejeweled dress that I wore to one I liked the first scenes that I was ever in The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and I was like oh my god like what it was like all kinds of jewels it was hard. But my hair was pitch black it was just all wrong well I haven’t had it yet let’s say. But I will everyone does nobody’s exempt from that look back at this in like 30 years, and be like what were we thinking where’s blue right hey we’re gonna be like who it uh-oh everything I wear, and even when I look back, and be like oh. Yeah you shouldn’t did that I still be like what I probably was in it that’s a huh Oh Nanette since you’re a supermodel I got to see a runway stare into the camera right now oh my gosh I can’t even take it this is live TV everyone have you with the spiky heels. Yeah I could hurt someone with these tonight right. Yeah well picking hurt Sabrina hurt no one I’m like I’m. So happy I’m not sure happy yes.

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