Fermented extract of the Kombucha mushroom is a new treatment for the face, promising to multiply the production of collagen in skin cells, which in turn will plump up the skin and generally improve its appearance.


 Fresh seawater was pumped into several clean tanks, which allowed the dirty ballast from the uncleaned tanks to be discharged. With limited regard for the environment in those days, this discharging was done direct into the sea, on the basis that the oil would have floated to the surface and therefore most of the tank would be filled with clean water. This seemed partially true to me. One of the cadets was posted on the poop deck to call out when the dirty water to oil, at which point the oily residue was diverted to the slop tank. Once the dirty ballast tanks were empty, we had a new set of tanks to clean. The cleaning process for a 30-tank ship like the Vexilla took four days and nights, weather permitting. It was the vilest job I ever had to undertake by a country mile. I would have gladly cleaned out 100 German toilets rather than suffer a full tank clean on a black-oil tanker. It my time on the Vexilla, we cleaned all the tanks on six occasions. While the sun shined at sea, we always worked outside; the staple jobs being chipping and painting, holystoning, cleaning up oil patches and carrying out our temperature duties.

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